Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Antietam Illumination

I attended the 2009 Antietam Illumination on December 5, 2009.  This is an annual event to commemorate the approximately 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded or missing in action during the September 17, 1862 battle. This was the deadliest one day battle of the Civil War.  On the first weekend of December, volunteers place 23,000 candles on the battlefield.

This year the weather did not cooperate as it has in the past.  The luminaries were difficult to keep burning as there was heavy, wet snow most of the day.  A few pictures from the event and the following morning.

This is a marker near the Sharpsburg (Antietam) train station.

Photos from the event.

Dunker Church.  This was used as a hospital during the battle.  Are the ghosts from the past?

A row of cannons and one of the memorials on the battlefield.

Burnside Bridge the next morning.

Split rail fence in the snow.

Enjoy and thanks for looking - Ross

Thanksgiving 2009

Daniel and I headed south to Myrtle Beach for the Thanksgiving holiday to see mom and dad.  A good trip was had by all.  The weather held up and we were able to slip out and see some of the sights.

A single decent photo from Huntington Beach State Park.

Instead of shopping on Friday, we headed south toward Georgetown and went to Battery White.  This is a Civil War cannon battery which protected the entrance to Georgetown.

 Daniel posing on one of the cannon.


The sun through the Spanish moss.  

And finally, a cold walk though downtown Georgetown.  The church tower and it's very cool windvane.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Part II of the Great Pumpkin Search

From part I - You have to be properly armed to go pumpkin hunting.

Not much drama here. Finally a winner!

Riding off into the sunset on our trusty steads

A real iron horse steams by returning to Strasburg.

The Annual October Search for the Perfect Pumpkin

The weather forecast was poor but I had a little six year old who does not quite understand how the weather is unpredictable. So, it was are we going, are we going......and on and on and on. Off to Lancaster County for a train ride at the Strasburg Railroad and then off to the Cherry Crest Farm for an afternoon of fun.

A few from the train.

Strasburg engine 475 roars along the track.

Off to the farm. This is a great attraction especially for kids who are not exposed to farm life. A few of the activities. They also have a pretty decent petting zoo of farm animals.

The search continues on part two... I need to learn to downsize photos in Lightroom 2.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Weather

We had to take advantage of the great September weather and head out for a few pictures on the NS Railroad. It was requested by Daniel. I am not going to bore you with pictures of trains, but a few from the day.

The newly renovated Valley Forge station. This is the former Reading Railroad station. It will be rededicated to the public on 9/23/2009. Daniel posing as a coal train rumbles by.

Trying to be a bit artistic.

Enjoy and have a great week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Grade - Here we come

Today is the first day of First Grade for Daniel. Not too much drama getting him ready. A few pictures.

A new level of enthusiasm for school.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Colors of Yellowstone

A few photos taken in May 2009 from various thermals located in Yellowstone National Park. The color is determined by the temperature of the water. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lenape Pow Wow

Another weekend, another trip/history lesson. This weeks adventure was to the Lenape Powwow held at Core Creek Park near Langhorne, PA. This annual event is sponsored by the Churchville Nature Center. A few photos from the day.

Let's begin with the task of creating fire the traditional way, bow and spindle.

Daniel is modeling one of the Lenape headpieces. I'm not sure PETA would approve.

A most impressive dance piece of the Lenape tribe.

Onto some body art. The person from the Nature Center was great and took a great deal of care and interest in each of the paintings. Daniel added a new food to his limited diet - Bison Hot Dogs. Of course, I did not tell him until he ate it in about 10 seconds.

All this history is tiring. Enjoy.