Sunday, October 4, 2009

Part II of the Great Pumpkin Search

From part I - You have to be properly armed to go pumpkin hunting.

Not much drama here. Finally a winner!

Riding off into the sunset on our trusty steads

A real iron horse steams by returning to Strasburg.

The Annual October Search for the Perfect Pumpkin

The weather forecast was poor but I had a little six year old who does not quite understand how the weather is unpredictable. So, it was are we going, are we going......and on and on and on. Off to Lancaster County for a train ride at the Strasburg Railroad and then off to the Cherry Crest Farm for an afternoon of fun.

A few from the train.

Strasburg engine 475 roars along the track.

Off to the farm. This is a great attraction especially for kids who are not exposed to farm life. A few of the activities. They also have a pretty decent petting zoo of farm animals.

The search continues on part two... I need to learn to downsize photos in Lightroom 2.