Sunday, April 19, 2009

Neshaminy 2009 - Civil War Reenactment

The 20th Annual Civil War reenactment was held April 18-19, 2009 at Neshaminy State Park. These pictures were shot on Saturday the 18th. The battle was a reenactment of the Battle of the Monocracy, which is also know as the battle which saved Washington DC. Fought in 1864. More information can be found here -

I experimented with some color changes to get more accurate feel of the battle. Let me know your thoughts.

Union camp and a little lunch.

Union cavalry begin to scout the battlefield with the artillery being moved into position.
One tough way to move a cannon.

A tough looking Confederate solider.

The opening shots of the battle.

The colors move onto the battlefield.

The end result...

Confederate artillery responds and more troops move forward.

The battle rages on.

The aftermath of a bloody day.

Bucks County Spring House

I had the pleasure of exploring an old spring house on a Bucks County, PA estate. I estimate the spring house was build around the same time as the estate which was approximately 1780. Very cool and still a great flow of water from the spring. Enjoy.

An old muddy bottle.

Daniel's First Tee Ball Game

Daniel's first tee ball game was held Thursday night. Finally some good weather. An amazing thing happened in which his team actually threw out 3 of the first 4 batters on the other team. Enjoy.

His first two hits and beating out the single.

Another successful out and checking the runner at third.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

B&O Railroad Musuem visit

Edited 4/13/2009 - Please review the comment from the B&O Museum. They have clarified their photography position. Thanks to Mr. Shackelford for this clarification of their policy. Time to add it back on the visit list.


Spent part of the weekend in Baltimore with Daniel. Caught an Orioles game but the highlight of weekend was to be the B&O Railroad Museum. Usually, I will post pictures from the visit, but the museum has a strict no photograph policy if you want to post on your personal or commercial website.

From their website - "Photographs are permitted for personal use only and are not to be published anywhere (including personal web sites) without the expressed written consent of the Museum. Professional photography is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the Chief or Senior Curators."

Now, I can understand the professional photography reason, but to prohibit posting of photos on a personal, non-commercial website is ridiculous. Where is the harm in sharing a few photographs from your visit with your family via the web? Maybe someone will find the pictures and think, this is pretty cool. Let's go visit.

Looking at peer museums, the Railroad Museum of PA, National Railroad Museum located in Green Bay or the CA State Railroad Museum have no restrictions on the posting of photographs on a personal website. The Railroad Museum of PA website tell you to bring your camera. Inside and out.

I guess you can set any policy you want but I feel that this does nothing to enhance or promote future or return visitors to the museum, which is want they need to survive. While the B&O Railroad Museum has some nice equipment on display, in my opinion it is not worth becoming a return visitor.

Hopefully, someone at the museum with do a google search and this will come up. Something to think about as I will not be spending another $25 in admission, $9 in food and $15 in the gift shop.