Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lenape Pow Wow

Another weekend, another trip/history lesson. This weeks adventure was to the Lenape Powwow held at Core Creek Park near Langhorne, PA. This annual event is sponsored by the Churchville Nature Center. A few photos from the day.

Let's begin with the task of creating fire the traditional way, bow and spindle.

Daniel is modeling one of the Lenape headpieces. I'm not sure PETA would approve.

A most impressive dance piece of the Lenape tribe.

Onto some body art. The person from the Nature Center was great and took a great deal of care and interest in each of the paintings. Daniel added a new food to his limited diet - Bison Hot Dogs. Of course, I did not tell him until he ate it in about 10 seconds.

All this history is tiring. Enjoy.

East Broad Top Railroad

Part two of our history weekend takes Daniel and I to the East Broad Top Railroad. This is a narrow gauge railroad built between Orbisonia, PA and Mount Union, PA to move coal. The railroad has been well preserved since the early 1960's between a local benefactor and a preservation foundation. More information on the railroad can be found at I would strongly recommend a visit to this great treasure.

Some one is getting the holiday coal out of the picture early this year as well as my budding assistant photographer.

Our transportation for the day. The railroad has several steam engines in storage but at this time, #15 is the only one operational.

Our view from the caboose.

Daniel in the top of the caboose.

In addition to the hour long train ride, they have work car rides as well as the PA Trolley Museum. A view of the yard from the work car.

Again, this a great day trip that may not be along for much longer. It was a very inexpensive day and a great place to visit. Go before it is too late.

First Visit to Hallowed Ground

After turning 6, I felt it was time to introduce Daniel to the fantastic history of our county, as I was by my father. So we packed up the car on the weekend of July 11th and headed west into central PA.

What is arguably some of the most hallowed and historic grounds in US history, we arrived in Gettysburg. I needed to keep this simple for a 6 year old. We started with a climb up Big Round Top which cemented the Union Left for two of the three days of the battle.

Next time you see or meet Daniel, ask him the name of the Union General to headed the 20th Maine at Big Round Top.

After making the hike, we headed up the road to Little Round Top. A few photos from the NY tower and the surrounding rocks, which are amazingly still in the same arrangement as the day of the battle.

We then headed down the hill into what is know as Devil's Den. A little lunch and some climbing on the rock formations in the valley.

We left the den and headed over to the area around Spangler's Spring and then out to Confederate Avenue. This is the area in which Pickett launched the infamous attack on Day 3 which ultimately was the end of the Battle of Gettysburg.

One for Mom and Dad in South Carolina.